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Enjoy some of our latest creations & take a walk down memory lane with us!

Since September of 1995...

we've literally created, designed, developed, programmed and maintained thousands of websites! WHEW!

Enjoy the history of yesteryear with our beautiful 2006-2016 Internet Services Group website portfolio! (A very special thank you to Tom, Marin, Dan and Don for building this version of the ISG website!)

If you REALLY want to step into the "old days" you can still see our original Internet Services of Michigan, Inc. (ISMI) website showcasing the hundreds of the websites we built in the late 1990s, too!  (A very special thank you to the original ISMI team - Dan, Don Roy, Autumn, Don P., Rod for building the original ISMI websites!)


Do you believe your CLARITY, FOCUS and ENTHUSIASM in life affect the profitability of your business? Do you feel those things influence how well your business grows through the incredible power of the Internet, too?

Your Life, Your Business, Your Internet Presence - they're ALL connected! ;)

Find out exactly how to create, build and maintain a purposeful, positive and profitable life, business and Internet presence below:

My Life Assessment

In less than 5 minutes, you'll find out exactly what you're missing toward creating, building & maintaining a purposeful, passionate, positive, productive profitable life!


My Business Assessment

In less than 5 minutes, you'll find out exactly what you're missing toward creating, building & maintaining a purposeful, positive and profitable business!


My Internet Assessment

In less than 5 minutes, you'll find out exactly what you're missing toward creating, building & maintaining a purposeful, positive and profitable online presence!


Your Online Presence - The 7 Things
You Must Know NOW

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THE TECH - In this training, you'll find out what Google says you MUST have in play today in order to show up and have a chance at succeeding online.

THE PSYCHOLOGY - You'll also find out the best online practices that create, build & maintain relationships with the RIGHT people, ultimately having them contact you and pay you to help them.

THE CONSISTENCY - Finally, you'll find out the needle-moving mindset, behaviors, habits and systems that you need test & measure consistently, continually and throughly to have a profitable online presence!


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